Setlist London



Love Meyerson plays local song

Waltz for Koop (H different from recording)

Collective spacey solo on the string chords. 

Baby (Eb)

Vibra solo. Abel plays the bongos.

Livs Psalm (KOO Ab)

Niklas F with mic and everyone tries to do the choires. No choires during Trumpet solo though.  

Always on my mind (KOO Am)

Trumpet/Accordion solo

Strange love (Bb)

Love starts the sampler. Spacy intro with collective jam. Baritone solo

Let's elope (Am, different from recording)

Baritone solo

Glömd (F#)

Love, Oscar & Ulrik. Ulrik does the tom rythm during solo.  

Koop Island Blues  (Bbm)

Intro with seagulls starts at the end of previous song (Niklas or Abel). Trumpet solo.

Forces....Darling (Cm)

Trumpet solo. Drum solo that leads straight into next song Summer Sun.

Summer Sun (Eb)

Vibra solo

Come to me (Bb)

Love starts and loop the choire/handclap. Oscar ques the big band sample break. Then song as normal. Trumpet solo. 

You stole the saddest heart (KOO H?)

Niklas F choire through mic. Drop out, Niklas F last.


Drum Rhythm A (Bbm)

I see a different you (KOOP Ab)

Vibraphone, baritone, trumpet solo

Livs Psalm (KOO Ab)

For the second time. 

What a wonderful world





Greece (NEW) (KOO Am?)






Skriski Lietuvelen

I see a different you LYRICS


R&H genom


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