Livs Psalm

I have started to dream again. 10 years of not remembering anything in the mornings has now changed to several mighty dreams this last month. I hope it’s a good sign.

After Koop fell apart I was fed up with music. Until I stumbled over a youtube clip that changed everything. It was one of those millions of clips parents take of children playing music at some special occasion or music school, and it filled me with emotions. So simple. Children playing a song everybody knows on a sunny day. Maybe to celebrate something. It felt like the essence of music, and it made me want to play music with others again.

Livs Psalm is maybe the least jazzy among the new tracks, but it was the first song I dared to show to singer Jazzu, and therefore it’s representing the new material as the starting point for everything. We have played it on all our shows so far and some of you has already helped to sing. It is a melody that could be played or sung by anyone. And even if it’s still a lot of samples involved I wanted it to sound live like a school orchestra, inspired by the clip above.

Livs Psalm is dedicated to my friend Liv, and it’s about walking away from someone that has been close.

The video is a mashup with some strange clip of two dancers I found on youtube, and it matched the music in a way that was impossible to resist. The song is only released on youtube at this stage.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for waiting.

Stockholm October 1, 2017

Oscar Simonsson


time to leave
im on my way
clouds are coming in now
and we’re astray
a distant sound
from far behind
I could turn around but
I can’t do nothing to save our love

long ago
when we were new
i saw something shimmering
and something true
a distant light
fell out of sight
now we walk our own ways
and there is nothing to save our love

all the words that melt in my hand
like those letters drawn in the sand
deep inside I know that it’s true
that no one gets to me like you do
but I’ve got nothing to say to you

lord above
sleep safe and sound
soon he tolls his bells and
we all just drown
all flesh is grass
all things must pass
soon we’re going under
and there is nothing to save our love


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